Solar is an investment into your future, but how long of an investment?

Solar cells have been commercially available since 1956 and ,historically, they did not have remarkable reliability These first solar cells were very inefficient, not reliable, and expensive. Through continuous innovation the modern solar industry bears little resemblance to its humble roots.

Not all solar panels are created equal

How long do modern solar panels last is a simple question with a not so simple answer. Some companies manufacture cells with 10 year warranties and others with 20 year warranties. It is important to do research into who is manufacturing your panels and what kind of warranty and product reliability they offer.

Today, the best panels on the market are backed by a 25 year warranty that covers the equipment, shipping, and labor. This 25 year warranty will keep your electricity bill at zero dollars per month with no repair costs out of your pocket.

Consider Efficiency and Productivity

Additionally, different manufacturing companies offer different levels of guaranteed electricity productivity from your panels. Anything that is left in the sun degrades over time, and solar is no different. The best manufactures guarantee power productivity at 90% or more at the end of the warranty period. Some of the lower quality manufactures offer power production guarantees at a much lower rate or even no guaranty at all.

solar panel efficiency chart

Maintenance of the Solar Panels

One of the great things about solar panels is that there are no moving parts. This means they are much less likely to have maintenance issues. In fact, most solar panel applications are self-cleaning and require no maintenance at all.

Some of the best panels are expected to keep providing you with clean and free energy for an additional 10+ years beyond the warranty. This gives your panels a working life of 35 years or more!

With the warranty for solar systems extending to 25 years and the cost for solar at an all-time low, there has never been a better or safer time to eliminate your electric bill and invest in solar energy for your future.