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Commercial Solar

Commercial solar electric grid ties, give businesses a chance to not only cut down on their monthly bills but also create a unique marketing opportunity which puts their business a step above the competition.

Why Commercial Solar?

Commercial grid ties give businesses a chance to not only cut down on their monthly utility bills but to create a unique marketing opportunity which puts their business a step above the competition, in heralding the forward-thinking nature of their company. In a competitive market, more and more businesses are looking to the ‘green’ aspect of selling their company. From wineries to breweries to Google, businesses are grasping, wholeheartedly, the benefits of having less of an impact on the environment… and proudly passing this fact on to potential customers. Pair this opportunity with the spectacular utility rebates and tax incentives and there is a situation created in which a commercial solar system one of the best investments a company can make.

Our Technology

High Noon Solar installs the top of the line in solar panel technology:

Sunpower panels make a solar system no longer look like a solar system. The panel’s black frame and lack of metal ‘leads’ create a final installed appearance that is integrated and stylish, not obtrusive and unsightly. There is no better time to take the first steps toward owning your own power.


The majority of commercial solar grid ties are designed as providing supplemental power only. Because many businesses have a high demand on power, the solar system can be designed with a certain percentage of total power used being provided by the solar electric system, for example 50%.

This said, some smaller businesses or low electricity usage businesses can easily gain a ‘net zero’ status with solar power. Net zero usage means that, on a yearly basis, the business uses the same amount of power as their solar electric system produces during that same year. This can sometimes be assisted by producing power from the solar system on weekends, when the business is not open and demanding power.

Each business tends to be radically different on what they need for a yearly power output… from the commercial building with numerous machines in the shop to an office building with mainly computers and lights being used. Many different sizes of solar electric grid ties are available to suit these varying commercial applications.


With such substantial rebates and incentives available, the commercial solar investment is an easy choice to make. Considering the fact that electricity will undoubtedly continue to escalate, the solar system will become more valuable with time. It will create the same amount of power, which only becomes more valuable with each year that passes. Little or no maintenance on the system keeps the yearly upkeep costs from hindering the benefits; the solar panels carry a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty and the inverter carries a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, marketing your company as a progressive, ‘green’ business to give the leg up in a competitive market is nearly priceless.

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