How We Grow

Length: 65 Minutes Director: Tomas Zuccareno and Haley Thompson How We Grow is a film about ambitious young farmers building community around locally grown food.

A Rivers Last Chance

Length: 67 Minutes Director: Shane Anderson This film tells a story of salmon, timber, weed, and wine along California’s mighty Eel River.


Length: 40:00 Director: Jordan Manley Trailer: The film brings extraordinary forests in British Columbia, Japan and Nevada ‘to life’ through cinematic exploration of playful, yet powerful experience of gliding through each...

Toxic Treasure

Length: 16:00 Director:Mario Benassi The greater Haines area is a singularity in the world. The Chilkat Valley represents one of the last untouched wilderness areas. The Bald Eagle Preserve and the Chilkat Indian Village have a right to exist. This intrinsic value...

India’s Healing Forests

Length: 50:00 Director: Nitin Das Trailer: Explore some fascinating forests across India and find out the remarkable ways in which forests can heal our body, mind and spirit.