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Posted by High Noon Solar on Wednesday, February 6, 2019
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We had our first monthly radio show last week and focused on the topic of Truths and Myths about Electric Vehicles.  Our guests were David Davis, a FM certified Vehicle Consultant and Technical Expert at Ed Bozarth – Mark Miller Chevrolet & Buick, and Erin Riccio, Field Organizer at Conservation Colorado.  Click on the video image to watch! 


Listen to the recording to hear responses to the following questions:

One objection I often hear about owning an electric vehicle (EV) is that they have a short range.  People get what is known as “Range Anxiety.”  Meaning, people think that an EV will not get them through the day and they will get stranded someplace.  Has the range of affordable EV’s become better?

I know Conservation Colorado has been a big supporter of zero emission vehicles and how we can increase our infrastructure to make it easier to drive to Denver, for example, from Grand Junction, using our EV.  Can you talk about the plan for using the settlement of the Federal VW emissions case to build out that infrastructure, and briefly what that settlement was about?

Another objection I hear is that the batteries cost a fortune when they need replaced.  David, as at technical expert, can you share any advances in batteries in the new Electric cars?

I read recently that Colorado has the fifth highest electric vehicle market share of any state int he country, with annual growth rates of over 50% per year.  Do you see that the infrastructure is on target to meet this increased demand?

Can you briefly share with us the incentives in place for Colorado drivers buying an EV?

If we are being honest, our vehicles are not yet zero-emission because much of the electricity is generated by fossil fuels.  As an electric vehicle owner, how can we minimize our carbon footprint?

You can listen to our new show, For Your Life, on the first Thursday of the month at 12:30 on KAFM Community Radio.  You may also listen to the podcast at