Solar leases make getting a solar system for your home as easy as you can imagine.

There is no upfront cost, your home's bills are reduced, and your rates are locked in with no additional cost for the next 20 years. Plus, you get a solar system designed with the most efficient solar panels available, SunPower. Sound too good to be true? It isn't.

6.5kw Grand Junction, CO

What's the largest problem most people encounter
when looking at getting a solar system for their home?

Without question, it is that there is an investment quality to buying solar, namely, you need to put a portion of cash down and then wait for the system to pay for itself. Does that mean that if you'd rather hold onto your cash or if you don't have the money available to spend on a system that you can't get one? Not anymore.

An innovative new program from SunPower is now making solar accessible to the general population.

A solar loan requires no money down. It is the easiest way to start seeing the immediate benefits of solar. So what's required?
First, you need to own, rather than lease, your home. Second, your credit has to comply with the requirements of the loan program. Finally, you need to have a sunny spot available to install the solar system, a situation that isn't too difficult to achieve here in Western Colorado.

The solar investment loan program is set up like this:

Hign Noon Solar is a Sunpower Premier dealer

High Noon Solar and SunPower Corp have paired up to bring Colorado residents the choice for solar without the large upfront investment cost. The solar investment loan program is a simple, low interest loan with a 12 year term. During these 12 years, you pay a monthly loan fee for the solar on your roof. The savings from your electricity, coupled with monthly utility rebate checks, makes the final out of pocket cost minimal or similar to what you were paying for traditional, non-renewable power. Plus, you own the system, which means you get the tax credit and the rebate benefits, rather than a 3rd party leasing company reaping the rewards of them. After the 12 year period, the solar system produces free electricty for the home for another 20+ years.

Plus, using SunPower as a solar panel provider gives you the added benefit of having the world's most efficient solar panels installed on your roof, an important fact when the system is generating power for 35+ years.

The end result is this:

you can do nothing and continue to pay high electric costs, costs that continually go up as the utility company's cost for generating power goes up. Or you can do next to nothing and participate in the solar investment loan, seeing immediate savings, using power from a clean renewable source right at your home, and locking in your electric rate for 35+ years.

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