Rebates & Tax Credits

In Colorado, Amendment 37 was passed as a voter initiated proposal to require more renewable energy provisions in our state.
Regarding solar specifically, those utilities that have 40,000 customers or more are required to have a certain percentage of their power come from solar electricity. In Western Colorado, this means that Xcel Energy must comply with Amendment 37 and the only feasible way to meet this goal is to offer rebates.

Therefore, if your utility provider is Xcel Energy, there are incentives available through their Solar Rewards Rebate Program. Some smaller co-ops and local utility providers are also offering their own rebate programs. Others have opted out.

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In addition to this rebate, there is a federal tax incentive available for 30% of system cost, available through 2016.

The SunPower lease also takes advantage of these incentives to bring homeowners a choice in their power provider. Because incentives are available with Xcel Energy, SunPower is able to offer homeowners a monthly payment system through their SunPower Lease Program.
Whether you decide to make monthly payments through a lease program, finance a system, or buy it outright, High Noon Solar will guide you through the steps needed to receive incentives, if they are available to you. We do all of the incentive paperwork for you.

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