Solar Electricity for Your Residence

With the cost of electricity progressively escalating and with a climate crisis hovering near, there is no better time to make an investment in solar electric panels for your residence.

The Simple Solution

A solar electric grid tie is a simple, low maintenance investment you can make in your home, as well as for your planet. In addition to the practical benefits of solar, High Noon Solar installs the top of the line in solar panel technology:

Since 1985 SunPower has been leading global solar innovation
8.64kw Grand Junction, CO

Sunpower panels make a solar system no longer look like a solar system. The panel’s black frame and lack of metal ‘leads’ create a final installed appearance that is integrated and stylish, not obtrusive and unsightly. There is no better time to take the first steps toward owning your own power.

Benefits of Adding Solar

With current rebates and incentives, payback can be achieved in under 10 years on a residential solar grid tie! Besides this straight ‘payback’ number, one must consider that the residence now owns their own power so, if electricity rates go up, the solar system pays itself off all the quicker.

Adding Value

Adding solar to a residence also adds value and sell-ability to the home. A wise investment is the house that has low and stable utility bills - and eventually - a positive cash flow. More importantly, each kilowatt of power that comes from a solar system instead of a coal plant is just over 2 pounds of carbon saved from escaping into the atmosphere. For solar grid ties, this means savings of not just dollars but also pounds of carbon! This creates a real difference in the pocketbook and on the planet.

9.88kw Grand Junction, CO

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To find out more about what size of a solar system your home would need, the rebates available on your utility, and conservation methods to do in your own home, call High Noon Solar today. We are the foremost solar sales & installation company on the Western Slope of Colorado.

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